The Prjct Designed, Developed and Shipped Merchandising Display racks for One Industries

one WALL UNIT1 600x600 The Prjct Designed, Developed and Shipped Merchandising Display racks for One Industries

Adjustable wall unit to display MotoX race wear, MotoX helmets and MotoX boots

One Industries, known for producing some of the best Motocross and Mountain bike gear in the business, hired The Prjct to design, develop and deliver custom merchandising displays units.

Each product display unit was designed to showcase their motocross boots, motocross helmets and racewear.

The main merchandising display unit for the racewear had to be adjustable both in width and height in order to fit into any retail showroom, large or small. It also had to incorporate a removeable graphic card system so they are able change out each graphic wall card for each new season and or new brand identity campaign.

We also designed a custom MotoX Helmet and Boot racks to fit into any retail slatwall system.

The Prjct documented each stage of the development, from the design, development to the final product shown in a retail storefront.

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The Prjct designs for Surfer Bethany Hamilton

Founder of The Prjct, Jason Kanes, designed custom snow riding products along with Flow Snowboards for philanthropist, and pro surfer Bethany Hamilton. The surf movie ‘Soul Surfer’ was based on her true life story. Bethany is an all around amazing person. The Prjct is proud to have been able to work alongside Bethany in developing snow products customized especially for her.

soul surfer bethany hamilton snowboarding 02 450x600 The Prjct designs for Surfer Bethany Hamilton

The products designed for pro surfer Bethany Hamilton are:

  1. A custom designed snowboard boot featuring the BOA Lacing System™ on the outer shell and liner
  2. A Flow snowboard with an all mountain women’s specific flex pattern
  3. A Flow snowboard binding featuring the Speed Entry System™.

The combination snowboard, snowboard boot with the BOA Lacing System™ and speed entry bindings made her riding effortless and easy.

Watch Bethany on Instagram take a few turns and even hit a jump in the snowboard park –

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Darian Stevens Specialized Skis by The Prjct

Prjct and 16 year old skiing sensation Darian Stevens team up to design and produce a limited run of specialized ski’s while in transition with her sponsors.

16 year old Darian Stevens and Jason Kanes, C.O.O of Prjct (Action Sports Design Studio), teamed up and designed special set of ski’s for her to ride during this transition.

prjct specialized skis darian stevens2 450x600 Darian Stevens Specialized Skis by The Prjct

According to Alex Harris, Darian’s Agent, “we are focused on keeping Darian on the best possible skiis while she is in training and preparing for the Olympic trials…”

Prjct and Jason Kanes were approached during the 2012 season by Darian Stevens agent Alex Harris of Foster Easley Sports Agency asking if it was possible to produce a few pairs of skis for her while she was in between Ski sponsorships, as well as getting her prepared for the US Olympic trials.

darian stevens Darian Stevens Specialized Skis by The Prjct

According to Alex Harris, Darian’s Agent, “we are focused on keeping Darian on the best possible skiis while she is in training and preparing for the Olympic trials. Prjct has the upmost respectable reputation in the snow industry and being a full service creative and technical design studio with experience and knowledge in designs, materials and production, to me it was a no brainer to contact Jason.”

Jason remarks, “It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to design and produce these ski’s for Darian Stevens. I have built products for some of the best athletes in snowboard history to the current day from Louie Vito, Peter Line, Devun Walsh, Jeremy Jones, JP Walker, BJ Leines, Justin Morgan, to Eric Beauchmin. During the 2010 Olympics I had 2 finals qualifiers on 2 different teams, one USA and the other Finland. I have had podium athletes riding my products; top 3 podium Dew Tour and X Games last four seasons.

I was confident, although challenging, to design these because she excels both in halfpipe and Slopestyle, two completely different riding techniques. But at the end of the day we were able to design and build a pair of ski’s that helped excel her riding level and skills.

We at Prjct wish Darian Stevens the best of luck on her future.

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Hitcase – Waterproof Case for the iPhone – Product Feature

The Prjct and Hitcase Team Up

Prjct and Hitcase teamed up over the past several months to establish a professional sales force within in North America, focusing on the specialty retail environment. Our non-traditional managers and professional connections provided an affordable result-driven solution.

hitcase pro iphone 5 stickr 728x525 Hitcase   Waterproof Case for the iPhone   Product Feature

HC HERO 2 681x600 Hitcase   Waterproof Case for the iPhone   Product Feature

We are very excited to work together with Hitcase. The Hitcase product is the industry leading iPhone Experience Enhancer on the market.

Hitcase is waterproof meters beyond the competition at a depth of 33 ft. It is mountable to everything using one of the quiver of mounting accessories or the GoPro accessories that you might already own. It is impact proof, shock proof and it has a built in lens that triples the field of vision already enjoyed by iPhone’s optic package.

hitcase amazon image 3 Hitcase   Waterproof Case for the iPhone   Product Feature

This product was built to take your favorite device everywhere you go, do everything that you do, while allowing the iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s. You can share content instantly, communicate easily, create HD imagery and record the memories of your life.

hitcase pro5 open c 600x600 Hitcase   Waterproof Case for the iPhone   Product Feature

Check it out at or

Woodward Camps

Included are some pictures of one (of several products) we designed for the Woodward Camps. The Cruiser skateboard was the idea of Neal Hendrix and quickly made a point that this board had to be more than just a cruiser board, “it had to olly”. Go to their website and grab a board they are limited edition, so they will go quick.

woodward camps 728x394 Woodward Camps


A new company came to us with this new-patented bag design. A great, very creative way to carry your electronic devices, make-up, flasks and more. We are currently past the design and development stages and are now onto the sampling production phase. They are allowing use creative freedom on the samples so the most exotic materials will be used so check back with us to see photos of the newest designs and materials.

wholester 01 600x600 Wholesters

wholester 02 400x600 Wholesters

Echelon Snowboards

We continue with our very close working relationship with Echelon Snowboards.  We are excited and super busy developing the next generation 3-Dimensional base structure called “True3D”.  As well we are developing several new composite materials and woodcores to increase a snowboards performance.  All reviews have been great check this (not bad for a one year old company) –

echelon snowboards1 728x167 Echelon Snowboards

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